Tuesday, September 11

Dress Smart Like a London Bloke, Before He Speak, His Suit Bespoke

I've been on a big Kanye kick lately, so naturally, I made a playlist of all of his albums and have been listening to it on shuffle, which has been unreal. Remember "Get 'Em High"? Or when "Slow Jamz" was the only song you and you friends would sing along to? Listen to "The New Workout Plan" while walking down an avenue and tell me you don't feel like the coolest shit in the world, even if that rad turd formerly known as yourself also happens to be wearing an "MmmBop" tshirt over a lingerie slip that keeps riding up from getting stuck between your legs.

On the walk home from a morning meeting after zoning out and seeing closed bar after closed bar after closed bar, I realized I was listening to a 13-minute track of Kanye rapping...and then talking. Basically, an audio book-style tale of how Kanye got his start, and oh my gosh, it's incredible. Everyone raps about their struggle and professes their greatness once they're actually on top, but no one dives into the problems they face riiiiight before shit starts going their way and they think they're completely done for. When they finally get a record deal but have it pulled from the label, when they play beats for Jay-Z and a whole bunch of nothing happens, when they've made it but haven't made it, and even for the line about Miracle Whip alone (you'll hear it), it's worth it.

Consider it your Ted talk for the day, without the residual guilt for not being the widow garden-growing type. That shit is bananas. And basil. But mostly fucking bananas.

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