Monday, September 17

New York Fashion Can I Nap Now Week

In case you were wondering how I was so busy during NYFW but still never seemed to tweet a photo of myself in a dress, surprise! I've been spending the last few weeks working on this bad boy, a partnership between Refinery29 and Spin where I chatted with designers about the music they used in their recent shows and presentations while trying to lock interviews down during the most unbelievably busy week of their lives.

It's weird to experience Fashion Week by stress-eating mushy brown rice with eggs and trying to pull iTunes links as fast as possible instead of trotting around in heels and maintaining straight hair in unfortunate frizz-friendly conditions, but considering I'm way better at the former than the latter, it all worked out purrrrdy well.

I spoke with Mara Hoffman about how that ukelele madness came together, the newly composed music Rachel Comey rocked her runway with, Rachel Antonoff — who has ties to fun. in more ways than one — about how her soundtrack always perfectly emulates that word, and Timo Weiland's Alan Eckstein about growing up as a big ol' jew who got down to crazy Wu Tang verses. Yigal Azrouel also dove into my favorite Chairlift song while Mandy Coon took a tip from their lead singer to make clothing outta MIDI files, Sally LaPointe delved deep into the world of songs I had no idea about, and Michael Bastian got his funlovin' disco jams on, all while nicely asking the crowd to sit down and shut up.

Check 'em out, and listen to that new Youngblood Hawke song on repeat about fourteen times after reading Bastian's bit. Not like I did, or anything.

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