Tuesday, October 9

American Flags n' Oreo Piez

If you've always had a hankering for carrying a tiny piece of me with you, this new Of a Kind cross-stitch necklace is prettttty close, since I wrote all about it. It comes with a free vial of my hair, too*, if you're into that!

*(Does not.)

But, in all seriousness, if you're less in the market for a tube of my own blood and more interested in being injected with a serious dose of career aspiration, take a look at this crafty designer's background. This Windy City homeslice not only cross-stitches beautiful things out of string, but holds down a full-time job and a slot in an improv singing conservatory. A necklace that reminds me of American flags and deli cookies, a lesson in how to get your stitch on and a newfound triple-gig-holding lady to idolize? And here I thought the necklace was what I was s'posed to be hyping you on.

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