Tuesday, October 23

Aunt Flow's Little Sister

You remember that feeling when you were assigned a book report in third grade, and in order to be inclusive and to help the burgeoning art freaks not fail out of Romona Elementary, they also offered the opportunity to do a diorama instead? So, you'd sprint home with the assignment sheet in the front of your folder, burst through the front doors, grab the first shoebox you see, be told "No those are for my Stuart Weitzman boots!", grab another shittier shoebox and start turning it into a wonderland indicative of the hay bale-filled, Ranch-residing Wild Wild West? That sort of thing?

This Free People x Refinery29 flow chart is my own personal adultified diorama. Now, granted, R29's design angels deserve approximately 99% of the credit for turning my typed characters into Pinterestable gold, but to have mapped out and written up and done all of the charty-chart fun to turn this from an idea into a fun little style inspiration game? Well, frankly, I am wildly stoked and even a smidge proud of it. Given that the last time I exclaimed "I did this!" was somewhere between slaving away in a SXSW interview tent and making a beautiful yet really terrible dessert for a party, this ranks way up there on the accomplishment-o-meter. After all, it may not have any borrowed Lego trees from my brother, but Ms. Taylor would probably approve of it.

Oh, and bonus? The chart's just a fun way to say they're giving away free money. Free money! A thousand dollars worth of carefree decision making moolah that'll have you picking up headdresses and lace knit caftans for the hell of it. And, friends, that's even better than a sticker that smells like bubblegum.

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