Tuesday, October 16

I Have So Many Thoughts About Dawson's Creek, Take 9

Remember backless shirts? Can we just pause and reflect on what a ridiculous time this was, when free-flopping boobery was practically encouraged while glue-y stick on bras had not yet been invented, and someone at some design company went, "Hey, let's save money on clothes by only making half of them!" while getting a promotion for his brilliance? I'd love to get a The Devil Wears Prada-style trickle-down diagram for how this shit went down, because it blows my mind. I owned one of these in every color from an adult, office-centric store called...The Limited.

THE LIMITED! The ugly, long-haired stepsister to Express before they embraced their customers and began cornered the trashy secretary market. The Limited, back when it also sold baggy old lady dresses and a sad amount of cotton basics with tiny embellishments. The Limited, a store no twelve-year-old should be shopping at in the first place, let alone for half-slut shirts to wear around overnight camp.

Christ holy damn, and I thought life was hard for people with average amounts of backfat nowadays. I forgot how lucky we have it, and how much Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have done for the dumpy sweater brigades. Thank you, tiny twins. From the bottom of my baggy cloth-covered heart, I thank you.

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