Wednesday, October 3

Teenage Dream

If you would have told a childhood version of me that one day, I'd be eating breakfast in front of the TV and getting paid to do it, my life would have fallen apart. I would have started chain-smoking candy cigarettes and making my own course syllabus of classes like "Separating Out Lucky Charms Marshmallows 101" and "Deeper Thoughts On Daria: An Exploratory Internal Discussion" instead of listening to those tall tales about the pot of educational gold at the end of Reading Rainbow.

But, luckily, dreams do come true, and I'm offering up a public service announcement to let you know that there's this show, "The Inbetweeners" on MTV, and it's kind of fantastic. And, yes, cereal-scarfing younger self, I get to watch it and recap it for American currency. I wouldn't recommend you guys tune in for just anything, but this show is like a weekly dose of Superbad shenanigans mixed with what the "Workaholics" boys woudl have been like back in high school. So, trust me when I say: boner jokes legit have never been so funny.

Check it out, and if you like smiling, reading and doing multiple other things with your eyes, check out the weekly recaps, too. If I'm lucky, it won't be the last time I get to type "dong" and get away with it.

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