Thursday, November 8

Eyes, Ears, Mouth, Knows, San Francisco Knees And Toes

It's not that easy to walk a mile in my shoes, since I wear orthotics and stretch everything out width-wise. It's not too simple to peek inside my brain, either, since it's just a static amalgamation of cartoony dreams, quickly forgotten intents and misplaced priorities, atop a constant pondering about when I need to cook another batch of rice.

Since seeing things from my perspective isn't as simple as it seems (especially without a pair of prescription specs, mind you), the Ambitious Eater's Guide to San Francisco I penned for my favorite travel site, Fathom Away, is the closest you'll ever get to seeing exactly what I vacation like. Between restaurants, coffee shops, museum suggestions and pastry splurges, there's a bit of something for everyone, as well as an aggressively scheduled itinerary of consumption that no one (but me) would deem appropriate. With breakfast pancake samplers, lunchtime foie gras dippies, dinner steak feasts and even a few doughnuts and iced coffees crammed in there as well, it's a much simpler and less painful alternative to experiencing a day in my life than, say, wearing me as a skin suit. (Buyer beware: I don't use a lot of lotion, so I probably won't hold up for long.)

Give it a look, revel in my ability to power through a mountain of calories, and bring me home a surprise from Tartine, wouldjya? I'll pay it forward, by sending it directly to my digestive organs.

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