Thursday, November 29

Best Friends Forever No Matter What The Wintertime Weather

I had a stress dream about these hats last night. Maybe it's because I'm having PBFS — Post Black Friday Syndrome — and the timestamp of rushing to buy something before it flies off the shelf again makes my head feel swollen, like when you wake up from eating too much Chinese food and don't have any water. Maybe it's because I miss those elementary days when you could recite your best friends out loud more seamlessly than you mom's work phone number. Or maybe it's just because the city never really allows you to walk in pairs with your favorite people like college campuses and high school hallways do, so I'd be left, alone, with either an inadvertently cocky "Best" or desperate-to-talk-to-others "Friends" emblazoned on my forehead.

All I know is that these silly winter hats, designed by Band of Outsiders as part of the Target x Neiman Marcus collaboration launching Saturday (or Friday night at 3am, if you're an internet freak like me) have messed with my head, my sleep schedule, and my ability to pinpoint who my singular other bestie might be. Just hope I never wake up again in that dream world where I'm running late for a desperately needed exercise class and stumble upon an outdoor stand with all of the Tory Burch cheapies and Tracy Reese tops I could want hanging off the side like I did last night.

Though, then again, if I do run into this magical, well-stocked outdoor mecca, at least my block letter-marked head won't be cold while I'm nabbing all the dessert plates and patterned drink containers I can find.

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