Wednesday, November 28

Crossing The Pond But Only In My Brain

I've never been to London. I've been to a small town in Spain, frozen my ass off through Iceland and spent a dreamy week stuffing myself with cheese in Paris, but somehow have never made it over to the fog-filled home of Topshop, Kate Middleton obsessives and black cabs that are crazy-expensive and sometimes have musicians inside of them. (Clearly, everything I know is from videos on the internet.)

Still, despite never halfway falling out of the top of a double decker bus or taking full advantage of saying the word "breakkie", I did manage to whip up a Refinery29 guide to ol' rain-soaked town, straight from the suggestions of the site's much-more-well-heeled travelers in honor of the site's recent launch overseas.

Having never been to London, not knowing which neighborhood is which and needing to do some mega research, I'm pretty pleased with the way this one turned out, mostly because I started knowing nothing and ended only learning exactly where to spend all of all of my money at the best stores around town. (Susie Bubble posted about one of the shops this week too, which means the editors' list is not only legit, but the closest I'll ever get to being on par with one of my bloggy idols.)

So, if you have a British accent or just like spending time in a land of people who do, see what Refinery29's editors picked as their clothing paradises, and prepare to spend all of your pounds, dollars and blank checks the next time you traipse overseas.

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