Friday, November 9

From Hand To Mouth, Over And Over and Over Again

Some days, you get to giggle on the phone with one of the coolest jewelry designers you've ever had the pleasure of chatting with. Other days, you get inordinately excited to drink a cappuccino while scheduling out your day, hoping it'll culminate in one of those lofty, lovely mornings fashion bloggers always Instagram about, only to discover every coffee shop is insanely packed and you're shit out of luck. While today happens to be the latter — no seating and a false promise of Smash cast sightings? bullshit! — I'm at least reminded of that earlier blissful assignment, as Of A Kind has released Kora's spectacular horn-metal-leather bangles, with a few words crafted by yours truly.

The sustainable company repurposes materials from around Africa that artisans then turn into blips of beauty, but if you're not interesting in reading about that or about how Kora got its random start, I present: Kora's Ultimate Insider Guide to Chinatown. Because, of course, I figured out a way to get someone to spill about the best dim sum spots in all of New York within the parameters of a story about bracelets.

Take a peek, dream about that wonderland of overseas candy that resides in our very city (!!!), and consider getting yourself some grown-up goodies. After all, these shiny objects would look pret-ty nice while shoveling in all that top-notch Malaysian food.

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