Sunday, November 18

Hear That, Hank?

Ever since I saw an episode of Are You Afraid Of The Dark? wherein a psychic pretty much ruins an adolescent's life in exchange for them getting like, every material object they've ever wanted (hit close to home, obvi), I've been too rattled to know what's going to happen to me in the future. Fortune tellers? Never. Horoscopes? Not happening.

But, somewhere between incessantly calling my boyfriend a curmudgeon on Friday night and throwing my head in my hands over his recap of Roberta's — "They sat me on the tiniest stool?! What is this?! Scallops were great" — my friend Caitlin began to tell us about an ancient Saturday Night Live skit that, frankly, could serve as a precursor for the rest of our lives.

I'm honestly not sure how I've never seen this Farley gem but can recall full skits of In Living Color — we watched this as a family all the time, which pretty much makes me Jennifer Lopez's first fan and as abnormal as you expected — but as scared of the future as I am, this glimpse was well worth it:

Still not sure what's more horrifying, the fact that Ben and I have been quoting this for 48 straight hours and it fits cleanly into our dialogue or that I'm kind of totally into this plus-size Dress Barn number. Hey, if I'm gonna look my future dead on, it's nice to know my penchant for annoying outfits sticks around through old age.

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