Monday, November 12

Straight Up Killing It: Urban Outfitters

Their jeans stretch out in three seconds (sorry, guys) and as someone whose earliest teenage clothing purchase dates back to a thirteen-year-old wandering gape-jawed in their downtown Chicago tri-level store, I've pretty much outgrown some of their clothes. But, when it comes to everything they've been doing online and with their brand, Urban Outfitters is rocking it like crazy. The design inspiration folder on my computer is full of snippets and snapshots mailed to myself from their Instagram feed and screengrabbed from their font-filled site, and after that e-mail newsletter they sent out today?:

Well, until J.Crew starts styling lookbooks based on the concept of being in jammies and gaining five pounds of heartbreak weight, they've got nothing on this.

(Though, granted, that chick would be hovered over the table shoving popcorn into her mouth AND crying into a bottle of whiskey while spooning that ice cream pint if she were a super-sad or even slightly drunk version of myself.)

As someone who has spent hours — HOURS — searching for the perfect doodled-but-not-too-doodled fonts and finagling with Photoshop files to make the perfect blend of neon color schemes, these homies just kill it on a consecutive basis, from their spot-on Instagram to their constantly re-imagined website. Header fonts that sparkle and change when you refresh the page, ever-present doodle letters as kitschy as their masterfully curated "swaggy gifts" section, cornering the market on Lisa Frank decades after she was popular — it's the perfect storm of nineties nostalgia and dad's-not-home cheekiness that I can't believe they get away with (and execute so perfectly) as a company of this size.

You tell me one other national chain that would praise the holy female god of cartoon pandas eating ice cream cones on the front of a three-ring-binder and I'll shop there, exclusively. They'd also have to sell just as many oversized google-eyes for affixing to no-longer-inanimate objects, though.

Now, if only they can get those shoes to not fall apart after six wears, we'd be in business.

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