Tuesday, December 18

Today's Amazing Most Wonderful Thing: Dark Sky

During a quick chat this morning with the lovely Cassie from Kickstarter for a future story, I asked if there was any project that's come through that she now uses in her daily life. Thirty seconds later, I was fully informed on the joys and miracles of Dark Sky, and am deleting shit on my iBlob as we speak to make room for this unbelievable invention.

Life has now changed since I've found out about this weather gem. No more stupid, shiny Will It Rain Today? sites, bound to lead you wrong. No more weathermen and women telling you it's going to be sunny before the sky suddenly explodes like a water pellet plague. This brilliance tells you exactly when and if you're going to need to seek shelter, without leaving you stranded in suede boots in the middle of nowhere under a bodega canopy, seek dry terrain.

I mean, take a gander at the picture. Rain in three minutes?! Three minutes!!! It's that precise! A life without sudden soaks is good, but one that's free of $10 street umbrellas which instantly break and the need to stuff a fur coat into a shopping bag and run through the Midtown East in a t-shirt (been there, done that) is fantasmic. All that knowledge for less than the cost of the iced americano that's melting in front of me? Sounds like the best (and possibly only) investment I'll make all year.

I may still look like a wet dog, but at least it won't be Mother Nature's fault.

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