Friday, December 14

K/LLER Queen, Guaranteed To Rock Your Spine

I don't think much more could be said about my undying wartime English Patient-style love for K/LLER Collection and all of their spot-on creations. The duo were all up on their Cyber Monday shit, all over the Awkward City Gift Guide, and currently, all over my plaster-colored body, which is a (slowly) moving billboard advertising all things slightly sharp, curious in nature and mildly dangerous.

I finally bit the bullet during that magical period where the entire world is discounted, and just when I thought I couldn't adore their goodies any more, getting to walk around like a boss with porcupine quills 'round my neck elevates my adoration to a whole 'nother Carrie-and-Brody level that I'm never quitting.

Best part of their wares? Every item looks like a worn-in relic, but the price point is plopped right in that affordable window, even for freelance writers like yours truly. And, if you're in NYC and want to keep even more buckaroos in your hamburger-shaped wallet while dressing to kill (heh), the K/LLER ladies will be celebrating their second anniversary tonight with some nutsified discounts:

Alright, so it won't have the requisite clown making toddlers cry, homemade vanilla sheet cake or even plush Elmos that most second-anniversary children's parties have, but 25% off!?! I think I can deal with its inauthenticity and take my extra bills down the block for a sugar fix. And there's cocktails, so those babies hypothetically screaming won't get all up in your jam.

I'll be there with all of my bells and whistles on (or, in this case, porcupine quills and metal droplets), and invite you all to do the same. Consider me the town crier for all things shiny. And, well, maybe a bit of the town drunk as well. I'm into multitasking these days.

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