Friday, December 21

Interview, Far & Few, Typing 'Til The Whole Thing's Through

I've been doing these Insider interviews for Of A Kind, which basically consists of me talking to really cool people who would otherwise find me terribly annoying and then transcribing it. I'd like to say I'm the source of gems like Susan's twinsie terrors or Lucy Sykes' back-of-the-closet vintage wonders, but unfortunately, I just call 'em as they speak 'em, though the click-clacking that made it all readable? All me, holmes. This guy, to the core.

Still, any fashion girl who will fess up about dressing like a Clueless clone or wear the exact same clothes as her husband is golden in my book, which is why Glamour editor Susan Cernek's first-hand tales of hot roller secrets and interior dreams is a glistening gem. Don't sleep on it, and if you do, make sure to get me an iced coffee when you wake up because for some reason, mine tastes like rubbing alcohol and I'm convinced the end of days are upon us.

But then again, if they're not, just think of how much free time you'll have to plow through these goodies. Win-win-win-win-win.

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