Tuesday, December 4

Free Things, Courtesy of Not-Exactly-But-Sorta-Kinda Me.

Everyone has their secret skill. Kelly Wearstler's figured out how to maintain the skin of a 16-year-old. Lance Armstrong's great at finding the best undetectable drugs. And me? Well, until now, I thought an aversion to showering and overthinking everyday tasks like purchasing coffee — What time of day? Hot or cold? How much to tip? Iced is cheaper than a cappuccino but is it less potent? — were my strong suits. But, from glancing over how I've spent my time the past few weeks, it may just end up that my skill set lies smack dab on one thing: telling people they can enter to win amazing free shit.

In journalistic terms, I've been on the giveaway beat over at Refinery29 these past few weeks, and have done a shitty job of telling you guys personally how many goodies you can grab for the cost of $0. Shopping sprees! Louboutins! Endless backstock of makeups! You have to skim through my words to get there, but holy hell, is this world of beauty freebies and closet re-do's yours for the taking.

So, here's my official notice that two of 'em are still open and good to go. Pick your enter-to-win poison, or, you know, try your luck at both:

Good luck, cutlets! And if you take home a sack of goodies, consider it my Hanukkah/Birthday/Arbor Day/Anniversary gift for the entire duration of 2013. (Unless you want a batch of the homemade snack mix I'll be churning out all weekend long, of course.)

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