Tuesday, December 11

Friends In Beautiful Places, Timelessness in Various Spaces

I tend to have commitment issues when it comes to adopting new shows. While Homeland's been on par with a newfound late-night cocaine addiction, getting into Breaking Bad — or, say, that dusty box set of The Wire that's lying on a far-away shelf — has been slow, steady and nonproductive, save for spare hours on national bank holidays and empty Sunday evenings.

Boardwalk Empire, with its gilded atmospheres and funny names and ability to let me go "But, Nuckyyyyy!" in a creepy old lady voice has fallen neatly between the two. There was a week-long binge fest of six episodes and then, boom, nothing, no more. I'm not sure exactly why I haven't returned to getting completely lost in Steve Buscemi's fractal-like facial features (If there is a God, he definitely made that kid 'specially beautiful, just for us), but if there's one way I could easily transport myself back to 1921 without encountering a slow-growing physical attraction to Jen Lindley's younger boyfriend, it's this Lulu Frost gem, up for sale on Of A Kind today.

Constructed with vintage triangular pendants hanging from two-tiered brass chains, these glass stone-set beauties will be the closest you'll ever get to fine wares from Madame Jeunet's shop, all without bumping into Paz De La Huerta's crazy-ass self. And if just one blurb of text isn't enough, I also got designer Lisa Salzer's deets on how one woman's vintage doodad can become her new necklace treasure, as well as the 411 on the posse of unbelievably cool ladies she keeps close.

Let's just say this: if I was lucky enough to call Virginie Courtin-Clarins one of my homegirls, I'd definitely make sure that commitment didn't fall through the cracks.

(Sorry, Margaret Schroeder.)

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