Thursday, December 6

Talking To Supermodels About Lasagna

I'll cut to the chase. Chrissy Teigen? Pretty much my hero. She's an annoyingly beautiful swimsuit model who knows how to master that sorta-wavy-but-sorta-straight hairdo, opts for gowns or sweatpants with nothing in between, and eats everything. Everything. And, if her habits of dinnertime cheeseburgers, eating pizza in bed and gorging on globs of meats aren't enough, she's also funnier than the majority of girls you've seen attempt to do stand-up.

I'd rave even more, I already got paid to do that right here in an story about the best things she's ever eaten for Refinery29. Check out the special-order burger she swears by and the dessert you'll beg Eric Ripert to put back on the menu if you ever wind up at a party he's at. Oh, it's just me who keeps drunken requests in her back pocket in case of unexpectedly attending a fancy soiree with a chef on hand? Nevermind, then.

Check the whole thang out here, and try your best to wipe away any drool to avoid explaining to a self-appointed computer Genius that your computer short-circuited over a lady scaling a lasagna.

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