Sunday, December 2

This Week In Awkward // 12-2-12

All the things I didn't have quite enough time to talk about this week, from top to bottom:

un: a long-awaited, dreamt about dinner at Blanca. more details to come, but the itsy bitsy pasta courses were top effy notch.

deux: spent most of the early weekend horizontal in bed, exhausted and sick, surviving off soup, cold-fighting concoctions and pita chips. been getting sick every two weeks. gotta fix something.

trois: been cooped up in my apartment for so long during the day that i've forgotten i live right by a puppy store. say hello to my little 5pm walk-around-the-block friends!

quatre: almost went to a holiday party in exercise clothes this week, until i figured i'd give it a shot and put on a pile of makeup. and wouldn'tchya know, everyone i know happened to be there. would call it a win if i didn't forsee the complications of drinking a smoothie + downing sangria back-to-back.


six: guys. has dating gotten that rough? really? not mentioned on my instagram rant, however, was the time i actually met a boyfriend picking mustard greens out of forest grounds. school field trip, though. not the same!

sept: not one for the DIY movement, but seeing how expensive this plastic trash was (literally, they feel like take-out containers), i'm tempted to concoct my own.

huit: hit Lou Malnati's hard on the way to the airport while in town for Thanksgiving. Because, of course, why would the year's biggest feast be enough?

neuf: no, this is not a close-up of my boobs: it's a sneak preview of the unbelievable collection of Marc Jacobs dresses I snagged while home for next-to-nothing. and, well, inadvertently, a boob shot as well.

dix: Joseph Leonard seems to considers this the worst seat in the restaurant. ?!? either way, i shouldn't have been spending my envelope of grandma moolah, but the food's too darn good.

onze: every year, my mom's birthday coincides with Thanksgiving. every year, she gets a face cake and a novel made out of icing. here's a taste. it's no "Happy Birthday, to a Fabulous Gal!" of T-giving 2010, but it'll do.

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Aly Casey said...

Your blog is hilarious!

Carlye Wisel said...

Thanks dude!! Stick around, I promise I'll become a whole hell of a lot less funnyyyyy

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