Tuesday, December 11

Today's Amazing Most Wonderful Thing: The Oral History of Freaks & Geeks

Words do not even describe how much heart-warming pleasure I got out of this Vanity Fair reunion of the minds and misfits of Freaks & Geeks. To hear about how hard they struggled to keep it on air and how much they pushed themselves to write better scripts is incredible, especially after taking into consideration how many fans the timeless show has garnered since. (After all, I've worn my years-old army parka a la Lindsay Weir twice already today. I haven't made out with Jason Segal, but I did run past a Ted Mosby lookalike on my block, so mehhhh we're pretty much the same person.)

Even if you're a megafan who owns all of Paul Feig's works or just like James Franco's purdy face, it's just so insane to see how even back when Seth Rogen was a babyface and Martin Starr was nothing more than a mouth hole with goofy teeth in it, these guys still knew they were dealing with an extreme caliber of talent, with something special across the board. Stop reading this, start reading that, because really, this one'll make your day.

(And if it doesn't? Read the part about how they were going to turn Millie into a burnout. A burnout! Man oh man, this gem ended too, too soon.)

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