Monday, January 21

My Little Pony Hair, Uni Butter And The Elusive Moving Picture

Just to put 'em all in a convenient place (and prove to myself I've done more with my time than play with my Vitamix), here are a few stories I churned out in the past couple weeks that you may be interested in setting your eyeball orbs onto:

1. The Insider: Molly Young. She's written a masterpiece on the smelliest block in New York, rocked the shit out of some JNCOs back in the day, and recommended I buy a shower radio and I immediately did. Girl crush on high alert.

2. Classic Hotel Bars For Any Occasion. I'm now realizing I should have consulted a prostitute or three (they're experts on the subject, right?), but for the hefty research I did on this one, I'm pretty sure they couldn't have given me any heads up beyond what I know and learned. I'm still partial that Bemelmans is the single greatest alcohol-imbibing construct on the planet, but there are some heavy contenders in this old versus new face off.

3. The Insider: Neel Shah — When someone says like "it just looks like I crib Justin Bieber’s style, which is not good for an almost 30-year-old adult male," you know it's gonna be a good interview.

4. The 5 Best Things To Eat In NYC, Straight From Bon App├ętit's Art Director — The fashion-obsessed genius that is Elizabeth Spiridakis (AKA the brain behind the much-missed Feels Like White Lightning) knows her shit, and proves her NYC colors with choices from a roe-topped bagel to an unexpected coffee must.

5. The Insider: Kevin Burg — As one half of the artistic powercouple behind things like this and this and, of course, that masterful Wintourian gem above, he's full of informational nuggets, cool up-and-comers and life tips, despite the fact that I'm still trying to master the one he suggested.

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