Friday, January 25

Rivers And Roads

You know when you're only in the virtual presence of another human being but can still tell they're the coolest cat in all of the city's alleyways? That's what talking to Cassie Marketos of Kickstarter on the telephone is like. Not only does she mega-chill in an upstate cabin where she occasionally helps out by building things like bridges (yes, she's beat you in the game of Life with just that), she's well-read, well-traveled, well-spoken, and, well, just happens to be oozing cool out of every nostril. (Never seen someone ooze cool? It's a glittery substance, it's amazing)

Anyway, if you're devoid of internet friend crushes at the moment or just want to take an Amtrak ride through one girl's brain, bop on over to Of A Kind to check the whole thangalang out. I, in the meantime, will be fighting through this sleep haze with a mental machete and trying to drink enough carrot juice to balance out not sleeping for the past eight days. La Colombecometomeeeeeeee!

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