Tuesday, January 29

Today's Amazing Most Wonderful Thing: Pacific Air's Boobtacular Video

Now Presenting: Titty City, courtesy of California cool cats Pacific Air.

I spent my weekend seeing these guys play in both Brooklyn and Manhattan, and if you have not yet heeded my earlier advice, I suggest you take a listen to them before it's too late. Seeing as I was not an early adopter to Foster The People, I'm not in the category of music industry-adjacent folks who can reference the band in terms of "Mark" and "Whatever those other two hired guns' names are" or even drop deets about that other fourth renaissance man they work with. But this destined-to-be-massive duo this is my chance to be fully up on what's next, and I'm riding the wave 'til it crashes into shore.

Oh, and if you hate reading and love boobs — oddly, I feel as though a segment of my readership falls flatly into that category — just push play. Catching up on a blissfully mellow jam while getting a bountiful dose of arty boobs is the ultimate multitasking, especially since odds are you haven't done that so far today.

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