Saturday, February 2

The Long And The Exercise Short Of It.

Yesterday, before AM news co-anchors, a large number of my bodily organs the human on the right side of the bed were awake, I pushed cosmetics around my face, grabbed my coat and made my way to Penn Station, where I headed to Long Island for the day to do things like touch discounted leggings and stand outside for longer than any tights-wearing human could have anticipated.

Breakfast was two slices of bread with bits of Babybel smushed on top of them, dinner was a 45 minute nap before a guacamole-filled soiree, and lunch was this, a rundown of the whole shebang for The Cut.

It was an adventure at its best and a very deep credit card ding at its worst, but I've been half-asleep since and that part has been kiiiind of glorious. I slept in 'til 12:30, had lunch with Bjork, and immediately went back to bed afterwards. Really, all I've done today is nap and eat like a very hoity-toity, protein-enriched baby, and have become so accustomed to drinking berry smoothies and napping from the past 24 hours that I can't even imagine my daily world where I go back to throwing cappuccinos down my throat while manically trying to cross off items on a set of four different to do lists. Tomorrow I'll go back to cramming in last-minute errands before watching sports commercials and staying up 'til 1am trying to do something I should have done three days ago, but for today? I'm reveling in my newfound land of relaxation.

And for those of you *curious cats* who are wondering just how much money I spent?

...That much. Eight pairs of shorts, two pairs of pants and a teenage-sized jacket my boyfriend described as "mmm...strange". Now accepting all flavors of excuses for why I can't go to the gym now that my always legitimately selfless go-to of "None of my clothes are clean! I don't want to ruin everyone else's workout with my stinky shorts!" has poof gone disappeared.

Get the down low over at New York Mag, and don't bother hating yourself about checking the Lululemon sale's Twitter account against your better judgement and seeing that shorts have now gone down from $30 to 3 for $50. I got that one covered.

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