Thursday, February 14

The Awkward City Procrastinator's Guide To Valentine's Day

Brought to you face!

Since guys can be prettttty doofus-y when it comes to lady holidays — please, this one is clearly just for us — i threw together a short lil' guide to how to save your ass for all levels of last minuters. Whether you're cobbling together something romantic in the AM hours or even while dragging your siggy other to a dinner that may never happen, I gotchu.

It's like the site, but it moves! And, also, it hasn't brushed its hair in two days, had exactly twenty minutes to record this and is much more nasaly this season than expected. (Please be gentle on me.) Though, if I get enough anonymous douchetastic comments, today's definitely the day to eat my way through 'em. No one's going to go near a sad girl with chocolate mushed on her face on V Day.

Happy Holidays homies,


1 comment:

Chelsea said...

Hahahah love it!!!!

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