Saturday, February 16

Grumpy Grover Cleveland

Just wanted to let everyone know that regardless of the upcoming presidential holiday or even being half-alive due to getting my boyfriend's cold (I'm done kissing on the mouth, takin' a page from the Vivian Ward handbook) I will be recapping "Girls" for early Monday AM. You know, despite it being a bank holiday, a wonderful chance to sleep in and something no one should be ranking high on their priority lists, come rain or shine or sleet or hale or a friendly mailman — much lower odds on that one than getting your West Elm catalogue mid-snowstorm — there'll be something up here ranting and raving about Booth Jonathan and why I hate that I'm starting to find him attractive.

I actually have a feeling this episode might be the one that turns us back around to lovin' this shit (ba da ba ba ba Chicken McBites-style), but my brain feels like an ocean and my nose a clogged sink, so I'll stop putting words all up in this and maybe go lay down or take another dose of 'Quil and see what happens. If liquid DayQuil tastes so painfully shitty, why do people use it for meth? I can't believe no one's come up with a drug that mimics the experience of eating a cheeseburger, but gets you blazed while doing so. Can't MIT get on this? Oh god I feel terrible. See you Monday.

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