Wednesday, February 6

Today's Amazing Most Wonderful Thing: FASHION FILM

Now, I don't want to say that freelancing is making me crazy, because livin' life like a blissfully chilled out eggplant in these purple leggings and matching flannel is my fuckin' jam right now. Some may even say? My new-niform. (Nobody would say that, forget I even tried to oh god.)

Being as my personal contact with the outside world has shrunk from little to nunzo now that I own a milk frother (GAMECHANGER) and everyone has the flu, spending my days on the internet in the vein of last year's high-stylin' stay-at-homecation has led me to become somewhat overwhelmed. Something about scrolling through endless pages of faded photos of beautiful models and gorgeous flatware and stunning selfies makes me feel wildly inadequate, and a smidge more mushy inside about not living up to Instagram's impossible standards. It's kind of like this generation's "Can Women Have It All?", only instead of juggling babies and work, we're trying to have our homemade fondant-covered cake and still look good in cobblestone street outfit shots after eating it, too.

Having suffered this plight of the internet-obsessed twenty something for some time now, you can imagine the joy that filled my caffeine-dependent heart when this shiny rhinestone gem appeared on my computer screen. So grateful to those brains over at Refinery29 for putting this one in my purview, because if this doesn't explain the exact feelings I'm having in this exact weird webby moment in time, nothing will. Forever thankful, too, that I now have a copy-paste-link response for anyone who asks me why I'm not and won't ever be attending Co-a-chell-no-a.

Clothes by Viva Vena, beauty by the inimitable Lizzy Caplan, words n' views by Matthew Frost, never-ending adoration and view count inflating by yours truly.

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