Sunday, February 24

Weekend Smorgasbord: 2/24

Or, in other words, a varied buffet of things wrappin' up the week. (Because really, who's online during the weekend unless they're looking for a non-cable-television distraction?)

Thanks to DailyCandy for featuring me in their Street Style slideshow for NYFW. I am equal parts shocked that my photo wound up so high up in the slideshow, and sad that I'm a 25-year-old adult who subscribed to Teen Vogue and I still can't figure out how to make orange and green match. I fit in a miniature amount of fashionista smack, though I'll let it be known that I also answered their hard-hitting question of "What is your favorite candy?" with "ALLOFIT", which somehow didn't make the cut. Either way, very excited to have a photograph taken of me wherein I am not sweaty and/or accosting someone I shouldn't. Thank the lords they didn't stop me on the way in.

Be sure to swing by Refinery29 tonight! I've been invited to join their (way brilliant) editors in reviewing this week's episode of "Girls", which will be much sooner after the episode than mine will be, considering Anne Hathaway's tears are my main priority this evening. I'll update this when it's live, if I'm not too busy yelling at the TV over how Hugh Jackman is incredibly unattractive and everyone is very confused as to his sexual orientation.

Psstit's up! Be sure to read both pages, as they let me get away with an insane amount of swearing that I would have been grounded for months for in high school.

My good pal Brittany did some insane floral work for Nylon's current issue, which you can check out on the BRRCH blog. I once took a floral class and only got an A because i used all the brown twigs and moss accents they had budgeted for and no one else had used. She wins.

THE MARNIE DRESS MYSTERY HATH BEEN SOLVED. Because I'm a fucking maniac and couldn't find out her unbelievable plasticy dress ANYWHERE, I e-mailed the designer (I know) and she sent me a Buzzfeed link to the story they ran about it, which is seriously 50 Shades of Cray on my behalf and definitely worthy of Google-shaming. Either way, though, I know now that I can't sweat into a plastic bubble dress like Marns gets to since it's the only one in the universe, so back to the drawing board. RAther literally, because I'm hiring someone to make this for me for my Halloween costume. For the first time, October will be about more than teeny-tiny Twix bars and mellowcreme pumpkins.

In honor of winning a Brisket King competition at Santos Party House, the owner of BrisketTown re-opened their meat pre-order and sold 120 pounds in 20 minutes. My boyfriend bought four. There are two important things to take away from this: one, that the idea of eating hot meat inside of Santos is more nauseating than the possibility of blowing Guy Fieri, and two, that my current life partner was so busy at work that he was unable to talk...but found time to pre-order meat housed and sold in an entirely different borough than the one we live in. His priorities are spot-on.

While I've dreamt of one day meeting the funniest female OG in comedy, Joan Rivers, my friend Arthur just got roasted by her. (He's the second one. With the belly.) Guess dreams do come true, huh?

You know when you join a yoga studio for a one-week trial membership and then you try non-gym yoga for the first time? And then you absolutely hate it and are so stoked to get out of there, but then realize your locker is stuck and you spend the next 45 minutes with a shaken-up employee trying to open it, and then none of the keys work and her manager won't respond to her text messages so she nervously has to crowbar the fucking door off and send pieces of wood flying across the locker room just so you can grab your gymshoes and get the fuck out of there? No? Yeah, me neither.

The lovely ladies at IFB chose my How (Not) To Attend A Fashion Show post for this week's Links A La Mode weekly roundup, and to share the love, I've pasted the rest of 'em below. Explore! Sisterhood! Clicking! I feel like I'm back in a sorority again, only with no-live in chef or tiny packets of peanut butter up for grabs all day. Damn, I miss salad bars with tiny corns and olives and cheese that you could make nachos with, no matter what meal it was. Ah, sorry, I digress. Here's dem links:



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