Thursday, March 21


Oh, hello!

If this post is up here, it means that is what I am currently doing. Not posing for unflattering photos (I can't sleep hot, sue me), not blissfully counting sheep in my cozy bed while propped up on a corrective Tempurpedic pillow (I've got the bones of an old hag), or even having fun pretending I'm on a virtual roller coaster, like Steve Jobs' products were intended for. Nope, it means I have instilled a No Blogging Zone around myself because I have too much work at the current moment in time, and attempting to create a well-written post summing up why I can't figure out for the fucking life of me if Vincent Kartheiser is attractive or not just ain't in the playing cards today.

(Or tomorrow, if this is still up here. And if it is? Pray for me.)

So, consider this your wee-ooo-wee-ooo siren road block time out while I take a few hours to calmly (ha!) finish a looming assignment that is going to result in zero hours of sleep on my part. Back to usual shenanigans by next week, but for this one, I'm hitting the virtual snooze. You'd think never doing homework in college and staying up by way of Dunkin Donuts Iced Sugar Free Hazelnut coffees would have made this routine by now, but nope! Guess the only thing I learned in college was how to write a nut graph and turn hanging up posters around campus into a salaried job. Not so bad, when you put it that way.

Be back soon, brotha. If you get bored in my absence, find out where the hot beardy actor who said that line on Lost wound up. Someone should date him.

TIL OUR PATHS CROSS AGAIN on Saturday, most likely, or otherwise on Monday sheesh,


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