Wednesday, March 13

It's A Burrito Flavor Fiesta And Everyone's Invited

In addition to expertise in digital avenues such as e-mail newsletters and drunken tweeting, my LinkedIn profile can also now proudly proclaim that I'm knowledgeable in all things torpedo-shaped, cheese-filled and edible.

After my latest Refinery29 article on the Best Burritos in New York, feel free to consider me your burrito guru. Your burrito expert. I'm like your own personal Miss Cleo with expertise reserved for tortilla-snugged dinners, except without that whole apparent fraud payback scandal. Or maybe I'm making rice and bean wrap-up mushies into my own personal money laundering vessel. There's always money in the banana stand, but there's more in the tortilla? We shall see.

But, if you're a no-utensil meal fanatic and need someone to take your hand and walk you out of Chipotle (metaphorically speaking), this jimmyjam should do the trick. (Feel free to inquire about one-on-one willpower training to resist chain restaurants. I've read enough Michael Pollan works in my day to convince anyone except myself to never eat cheap meat again, which is unironically a very good band name.)

Don't snooze on this one, hungry city. As your burrito queen, I present to you the all-around best options, ranging from fail-safe veggie iterations to wild, weird cabeza cylindrical sammiches.

(Apologies in advance for eating my royal tortilla shell crown, too.)

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