Tuesday, March 26

The Best Cheap Eats In New York City AKA The Country AKA The World

I’ve never been any good at making decisions when there are endless possibilities — as witnessed by anyone who’s seen me trying to pick one nibble of cheese at Murrays or, oh I don’t know, rapidly reaching the disaster zone inside The Container Store — so you can only imagine how difficult it was for me to pick the cheapest lunch foods across New York City. Cuisines? Any. Neighborhoods? All. Price range? Multiple.

(Let’s just say that phrase “don’t sweat the small stuff” is a little trickier when said small stuff is picking a slice of pizza from among New York’s bazillions.)

But, after seeking and searching and exploring high and low, I rounded up a list of some of the best midday spots to grub at, over on ye olde Refinery29. So , whether you’re ditching class ‘round NYU or just trying to find something to make your day in Midtown’s abyss a bit better, this g-g-g-guide should do the trick.

And, with all that dough you’ll save, you’ll be able to treat me to a fish bowl at Num Pang, too. Thanks in advance! You’re the best, aren’tchya.

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