Wednesday, March 20

Will Work For Food, Food And Even More Food

We all know how cool Dale Talde is. And yes, thanks to some well-observant blogs, it's possible to know that the person baking your chunky, candy-filled caloric cookie treats is not only wonderful and paradoxically thin, but one of Karlie Kloss' best buds.

But, after watching some (ok every fucking single) one of Christina Tosi's viral vids and all of VICE's Munchies episodes, I couldn't help but wonder...who else is out there? And are they just as cool?

Ends up, yes, yes yes yes yes yes they are, and i hunted 'em down and asked them a bucket load of questions as my very first piece for Zagat. From a live lobster dealer to a dude younger than me who's pretty much the kind of truffles, behold the ten folks who will shake up what you think of cool foodie folk by far.

Oh, and that guy up top? That's just Evan, a forager and scavenging genius who could easily fill in for a Brooks Brothers catalogue shoot if a model fell ill. (I trust catering would be quite different than usual, however.)

Take a peek, and enjoy the glorious oddities.


Elliott Brooks said...

Why considered me flattered, miss Wisel! Glad you appreciate my candy issues. I mean honestly. The fact that they don't have an all pink package of starburst is beyond me..... This world can be so cruel sometimes. :) Thanks for the shout out!! And I'm glad you had a swell time. ~ Elliott Brooks

Carlye Wisel said...

Of course girl! That party was ridonk. Can they hire you to do marketing on top of your current nine skills? That would be major. XO!

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