Thursday, April 11

Cheap N' Fly

So, I'm not going to get into it, but let's just say money hasn't been my friend lately. Long story short, mathematics has forever been about three miles out from my actual skill set and freelance paychecks — which are never taxed — are wonderful, save for that month when you have to return a percentage of them back to the government. Which, for lack of a better term: totally fucked me. I'm fine and there's a roof over my head and I'm still hoping to hit a sample sale one of these afternoon days, so I'm not hopping in a peep show booth to make a quick ten spot, but I done did a bad thing by opting out of quarterly taxing this past calendar year, and learned my lesson the very, very, very, very, very hard way. (Each very represents an uncomfortable denomination of money. Guess correctly and you get to pay my bills please?)

While my guidance in terms of money matters should never be utilized or paid attention to, my skills at being a Jew, save for the neurotic ones, are now finally coming in handy. Cue the Chic Cheapskate's Guide to NYC I wrote for ye olde Refinery29, a handy bookmarkable resource for your Manhattan-y life. Essentially, it's a guide for how to be fabulously poor while still feelin' fly, or as fly as you can feel while smuggling cheese cubes from art openings that you specifically sought out because you knew there would be food.

I could have ridden my high horse through this one and gone, "Well, for $16, a cocktail at The NoMad is absolutely worthy of the price", but fuckity fuck no. Most of this stuff? Free as can be, and the rest can be fronted by the spare change at the bottom of your ratty purse. From making your own mini beauty corral a la Birchbox to a foolproof way to nab tickets to The Daily Show, these are the I-have-three-bucks-to-my-name cure-alls, the "No seriously, what can I do when I have a negative bank account?" suggestions I have, all rounded up into one.

Take a peek — not a Peep! Though it's probably good money — and get ready to be rollin' in the...well, complimentary movie tickets, I suppose.

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