Wednesday, May 8

Made (Awkwardly) Well

In case you've been wondering why things feel a little here-and-there on ze blog some weeks, I've got your curiosity-stomper all set: Soo-pwise! I've been spending a chunk of my daytime hours the past couple months doing wordsmithing for everybody's favorite brand, Madewell.

Just to get all the important questions out of the way: no, they wouldn't let me Supermarket Sweep the SoHo store to show just how many sundresses and pairs of Swedish Hasbeens I could stuff into a nonexistent cart in 60 seconds flat, yes, I am a humungous fan of the intercom, and no, Jenna Lyons has not yet invited me up for crackers and brie and girl talk about how great patterned pants are. (Though that's, like, totally coming later this week. Totally.)

As for what I've been doing during this particular freelance adventure? A whole bunch of stuff you'll dig, but never quite see my thumbprint on. (Ghost magic!) Mostly: the Madewell blog, which you should visit if you want to read about a crazy-cool surf shop collabo, a French-American food event I'm obsessed with, all good things in San Jose, and a Cinco De Mayo lineup for, uh...2014, 'spose. (Sorry 'bout the late-alert, bros.)

So, if you don't see a dose of insane ramblings here one day, don't be surprised if there's a very well-edited story on the perfect travel shoe there instead. You know how people are either left-brained or right-brained? (I am neither, as I just spelled "either" as "eigther". Having no milk in the apartment + it being as wet as a waterpark bowl ride outside isn't making for a fun combination right about now.) My life's split down the middle, with smarts and concise capabilities heading their way, and well...everything else right hurr. Riiiiight hurr.

Speaking of creativity — I sadly did not create that GIF, but hot damn do I wish I did. That shiny water is ev-er-y-thing. Vacation vibes. Anywho, that's my story. (Well, that's my story.) Stick to it here, there, everywhere, holla, adios.

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elle said...

Dude, you rule! That's all.

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