Monday, May 6

Moms, And Not The Ones Of The Quebec-Based, Forget-My-Name Variety

Salmon instead of Sterling? Allow me to explain.

I know, my Mad Men review is nowhere to be found and my blog stats look like a downward slope on par with snowboarders’ shreddy dreams, but I’m busy on ze job the next few days and will need to hold off on making fun of Mad Men and Megan’s baby clown dress last night to, you know, make money to fund my unparalleled obsession with eating all things formerly part of living creatures.

(Wow, that makes last night’s lamb chops sound way grosser than I intended.)

Anyway, while you wait for this week’s pregunta-filled dedication to Dick Whitman, why not enjoy a hand-picked list of where to take your mom — or because we’re becoming adults much too quickly, the young moms in your life that you’re close with — when her Holy Special Day lands this Sunday from me, over on Zagat. Whether she wants a mountain of pulled pork or even a candy-topped milkshake for the kinder so she can get a desperate few minutes of silence, there’s a lil’ something in there for everyone and every type of momma. And, if you’re broke as a knock-knock joke, there’s even a killer free brunch for matriarchs as well.

Pop on over to Zagat to get your plans set for this weekend, and I promise to be back soon with updates of Harry Crane-screaming-in-the-hallway proportions...whose arm I am proud to say I touched this weekend at Saturday Night Live.

More on both of those later. For now? It's waffle time.

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