Sunday, June 2

I'm Alive!

Though the week-by-week absence has likely inferred otherwise, I AM still a living, breathing person who exists in the real of humanity. Truth is, a lot of exciting things are happening that I'm not ready to announce until this week n' next, so i figured, meh, "Why update the blog when I can hold out and make it awesome? Kind of like the buy-two-really-nice-things-instead-of-a-million-Forever-21-schmates method I'm trying to adopt, and mistakenly repurposing for buying Free People nightgowns and thinking they're "fancy."

But, either way, I'll be updating this space again real-real-real soon with a bunch of real-real-real neat informations, but until then, keep up on the Instagrammys and the Tweeters, and if you really miss my certain dose of crazy, check out the love letter to CitiBikes I wrote for the lovely Leandra over at Man Repeller.

Toodleoo mother fuckers, and stay tuned. I'm gonna go eat some lamb belly.

(Well, don't stay tuned for the lamb belly. Stay tuned for the updates.)

(But then again, if you wanna cheer me on for sabotaging my plan to fit into pants, you know what, i'll take it)

(But stay tuned for other non-lamb-belly-related-instances.)

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