Thursday, July 25

Underwater Cycling: It's Real. And It's Fabulous.

In case you've been living under a rock, inside a shoe or, I don't know, doing crazy things like spending summer outdoors relaxing as the great lord intended, I recapped my newfound obsession with underwater cycling for The Man Repeller earlier this week.

Is it hard? Yes. Is it Soul Cycle? NO. Is it a dream on a motherfuckingly hot day? Yes. Is it too expensive for me to continue to go? Yes. Am I all levels of bummed about it? Yes. Do you want to be a sponsor of the Please Dear Lord Get Carlye Wisel To Do Some Exercise For Crying Out Loud scholarship fund? Yes [] No[]

Do I think you should tick Yes? Well, I'll let you infer that one yourself. One question that the jury of us is still out on: what's better, the bootiful aquatic collage or the fact that this stuff supposedly battles cellulite. Which, as I round the corner towards the second half of my twenties, seems to be a daily problem. Oh, adulthood. Thefurther you go into it, the more you can avoid wonderful things, but the worse your legs look. Though, considering the only thought in my head is that I need breakfast, I'm still rockin' it as a very tall fourteen year old.

Stop reading this, start reading that, time for banana-cashew yogurt.

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