Thursday, August 15

My Hero, Vanessa Hudgens

Before my apartment is surrounded by fire-wielding mobs proclaiming I tell the truth, I'll openly back my state of mind up. Yesterday, I immortalized my confession that I adore Vanessa Hudgens, and want a piece of whatever glamorous burn out chameleon pie she's baking. Seriously. Seriously, 100% serious.

Now, before you think I took a Citibike out for a ride sans helmet and ran straight into a pack of tourists and am now rendered braindead, this love is legit, I swear. She's killing it style-wise, even if her home runs are overshadowed by Miley Cyrus' all-black-and-cut-out-everything grand slams. Don't believe me? Get a load of everything Gabriella Montez never prepared you for — including a run on the red carpet dressed like my favorite Britney Spears video — on The Man Repeller.

(After all, the only place to go from a day-glo bikini is up. Up, up, up.)

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