Sunday, September 22

Are You A Piper, An Alex, A Larry or A Porn Stash?

While Los Angeles is the home of just-ripe avocados, endless iced coffees and the pages of "Stars: They're Just Like Us!" come to life, the massive inundation of sunshine unfortunately balances out New York's finest activity: keeping freakishly up-to-date with everything going on online.

Spending a handful of hours in the passenger's seat of a Ford Taurus meant missing out on Mumford & Sons' supposed breakup and the extended details of Miley's new relationship, but most depressingly, the debut of a lil' biddy I wrote for Man Repeller about my love for Orange Is The New Black, and how it's basically Sex and The City.

I could go on and on about this one — don't even tell me that cafeteria table ain't a straight parallel to Sunday brunch — but a condensed version of my *endless* thoughts on the matter are currently alive on the site. Read 'em and weep, if only because Laura Prepon is slated to not be a part of Season 2, which is driving me crazy eyes.

Check it out right hurr.

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