Saturday, October 19

Fur-Get About It, Dude

I made a funny in this week's Us Weekly! Please check it out if you are waiting at the dentist, flying domestically or as obsessed with gossip magazines as I am and therefore picked it up the second it hit shelves, regardless of not knowing what Duck Dynasty really is.

Like I mentioned earlier, having to make fun of fur-covered stilettos was nothing short of heartbreaking, but all in a day's work. I'm not sure what it says about my personal taste if I'm way, way into the stuff I'm supposed to be making fun of, but I think I've made enough lame jokes about Lena Dunham's Emmy's dress to counteract that. Not surprised they didn't want to use "Return this bouquet to sender!", but hey, when a good Dad joke opportunity presents itself, you gotta run with it.

Check out this week's issue to spot my teeny-tiny face, and hope for both of us that no famous person wears a pizza t-shirt anytime soon.

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