Wednesday, December 11


If you don't love everything about the new season of SRSLYZ, you cannot be my friend. Or my high-school best friend. It's just so freakin' good that I can't even tolerate it. And, in case you can't stop watching it on repeat - which, honestly, I have been doing - follow Anna, Danielle and Alex on Twitter for endless shenanigans.

Also? Look for a tiny bespectacled ghost in the background of the Yoga video. (Yes, it's me.) They didn't capture my too-tight-hips cracking as I attempted to hold Child's Pose for 75 seconds, but cue Beyonce, 'cuz I was there. And I lived. I loved. 'Specially because the green room had free sausage egg & cheese sammiches.

(Seriously, you could probably kidnap me as a full-grown adult with a van full of lukewarm breakfast sandwiches and, like, a Sonic Diet Cherry Limeade.)

But I digress. Check this shit out out out, out m'out out. You'll feel solidarity in being a half-disaster of a grown adolescent-woman, I promise.

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