Friday, December 13

Dream Job Digest: December 23rd

Yes, yes y'all - it's a fresh crop of US Weekly joke-a-roonies! Make sure to pick up a copy of the one with Kim Kardashian talking about her new body or whatever, on newsstands now thru December 23rd. (Personally, I think pregnant Olivia Wilde should be the only news headline for the next 6-7 months, but hey, I'm biased towards perfect cheekbone structure.)

Flip through it if you're traveling home super early for the holidays, stuck in an orthodontist's waiting room, or god forbid, waiting for an ER doctor to attend to your broken arm. Actually, don't read it if you're in the E.R., go to the cafeteria and get soup. Hospitals always have really good soup, guys.

(If these pictures look like shit, it's because I nervously took them at a SoHo Duane Reade, worried someone would yell at me for touching the magazines. What! I'm terrified of gum-shilling authority.)

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