Friday, January 3

Fashion Po-Po Pullin' In To 2014

Behold, a quick pop quiz in irresponsibility:

Is this...

A. Last week's Us Weekly issue, most likely no longer available on newsstands?
B. A weird couple that somehow deserves celebrity news coverage?
C. A photo of nothing I have written?

The answer is: All of the above! Yeah, I'm really not holding up my end of the sharing-what-I-wrote bargain here, but I did manage to get one snap before being immediately distracted by the endless conveyor belt of deep-dish pizza and BBQ ribs that is visiting Chicago for the holidays.

I contributed a handful of Fashion Police jokes to US Weekly's year-end issue, including one about Kim + Kanye that will probably cause some Alexander Wang-wearing entourage member-slash-manservant to knock on my door and issue a cease & desist and a black eye, despite its inherent tameness. I was able to get a few photos of the other ones, only because my dad still had enough energy to prop it up on a table for me. (My hands were glued to a syrup-filled Starbucks latte and saving their dexterity for a night full of eating carbs on carbs. Trust me, the weekend and the Lou Malnati's was delicious as always, even if I'm not making it sound that way.)

I made those jokey-jokes look like little ornaments, in case you're missing the holi-days of blanket-clad TV binge watching as much as I am. Can you have PTSD for chilling the fuck out? Because I'm pretty sure I need to go to a Netflix binge-watching rehab for it, and you're all invited to attend.

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