Sunday, February 9


Dear homies in the blog-o-world-wide-web-o-sphere,

Does anyone know who in god's name wore a Furby backpack to NYFW and lived to tell about it? Either this mystical creature is the mascot for a new children's theme park named Happyland or perhaps even the quiet guardian to a '90s wormhole, but I want to know everything about her closet and how quickly I can obtain all of it. Is she a twin? Are my eyes deceiving me? Has the sheer amazement of wearing fun-time getup causing me to see double?! The balls on this chick, to wear a googly-eyed toy satchel while breathing in the same air as Anna Wintour makes me want to vote her president of my life and follow her guidance 'til the end of time.

(Or at least until she lets me dive directly into that Clarissa Explains It All bedroom via dat wormhole.)

But seriously, most importantly -- who this be?! And does she have a fuckin' closet tour online that I can drool at or what?


Dazed and Carlye-fuzed.


Madeline said...

it's the beckerman sisters. they have a blog and wear crazy shit all the time.

crisis averted.

Carlye Wisel said...

How I have gotten lost in the deep troves of FashionToast's thinness and Susie Bubble's bangs and never sought out these broads is beyond me. THANK YOU!!!

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