Monday, March 10

Heaven Is A Place On Long Island

So, just how many balls would you give to be able to live in Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler's Shelter Island home? If your answer is not immediately "ALL OF THEM", you've lost this round.

This place is so seriously close to hitting the nail on the head of my vibey '60s-'70s dreams that I can't help but want to ransack it and claim sqautters' rights, then play with all the plush surfaces until authorities arrive. They have a god damn macramé owl, even. A macramé owl! If the final season of Mad Men doesn't include Sally growing up to live in a dope spot exactly like this one, I'm going to be more heartbroken than I am every time I remember June birthdays aren't conducive to ice cream cakes. God damn it, nothing compares to frozen frosting. Or, in this case, kicking back in an all-orange comfy chair to get your light reading done.

One man's gross mom's basement-style chair is another man's slick treasure.

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