Thursday, March 27


H&M's blissed-out offshoot & Other Stories is coming to New York, and even more importantly, my hood. The minimalism Pinterest board in my head is finally coming true! I thankfully now have no reason to ever go back to London, except to eat their chocolate-dipped rice cakes and get tiny hamburgers applied to my fingertips. Or maybe to drink tea, if my tolerance for hot beverages ever peaks.

But seriously you guys, if you see me walking around town in a baggy black sheath and two-inch slingback sandals and I can't hear you over the sound of Jonsi playing through the earbuds permanently embedded in my head holes, it's not some weird dopplegang-y mirage. It's the after photo of me post-visit to & Other Stories, wherein I finally understanding what it's like to wear oversized solids like a pimp instead of like the Flax Mom I so often accidentally invoke.

Can't. Fackin. Wait.

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