Monday, March 24

Boy Oh Boy

I've always wanted to make an infomercial for interpersonal relationships — like, "Hey! Ladies, you can get along without stealing each others' boyfriends!" or "Hey there, mister! Just because you're a teacher doesn't mean you have to be such a dick to these teenagers!" — and thankfully, Teen Vogue lets me get as close to that as possible without having to meet with someone about wardrobe and why my bra straps are aways hanging out.

The flavor of today? It's all about being friends with boys. Because, even as a strict believer in Ladder Theory, I think it's more than pastable to bro-down with a dude without getting joint-tested to judge the odds that your procreation will have Tay-Sachs. Catch my drift? Guys as friends is a reality, just like zebras and the Starbucks "short" drink size and not overpaying for a Metrocard by just spending per swipe. I've seen the light, people! And it usually involves buffalo wings and/or empanadas. But! It is a reality, and don't be fooled by any/all movies starring Ashton Kutcher. Mens and Womens can be Friendses.

Check it out fo you'self over on the Vogue for Teens.

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