Tuesday, March 11

Teen Beat: Settling Down & Switching Things Up

I've had a lot of jobs in my day. Author's assistant. Record label content person. Safety Town camp counselor. But, whether I was or directing six-year-olds in miniature cars through a city of cardboard buildings or updating Incubus' website with nonsense, I routinely craved learning more. More about publishing! More about fashion. More about efficient ways to teach children how to pretend drive!

Naturally, my career history has led me towards working in a ton of different industries, which I think is great. I've finally found the one I love — words! — but that doesn't mean it was a smooth journey down the river of chance to get there.

Truth is, though, it's easier than you think to nail your dream job when you're still slaving away at that account firm. No matter what you're switching from or hoping to get into, all you gotta do is get organized, work hard and maybe meet as many living humans in that industry as ya pastably can.

Luckily, I broke it all down in an organized, well-edited fashion (thanks, Julia!) so that you can get your new-time job kicks in one helpful place:

If you're specifically interested in getting off the Career Train at the Music Business Depot (OK that was the lamest way I could have said that), I pooped out a story about that as well. Take it from someone who's had more internships than boyfriends — this is all the shit that no one will actually tell you that people who made it inherently know. Though, maybe don't come looking for my "primer" on "how I wish I knew how to french kiss when I was 13". Teen Vogue for sooooome reason hasn't commissioned that yet...

And hey, look! All of that time I've spent during my adult life piling on three jobs at once has made it real trick-ay trick-ay to foster a four-week relationship, just to let it wilt like the flowers I keep moving closer and closer to my trash can without actually throwing them out. So, I've become what one might consider a minor expert in demanding people date me or get da fuq out. Thankfully, the goal of commitment paired with the fear of wasting time has come to yield a lot of weird arguments, but also the only guide on DTR'ing you'll ever need. (Yes, my endless watching of the brilliance that is Awkward helped out with this one.) Consider your career on its way, and your class crush about to become your Netflix partner-in-crime:

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