Thursday, March 27


A month back, my friend Claire came over to hang out and eat too many snacks, as per usual on a Friday night in this horrible, never-ending winter. With nothing fun to watch on TV, we figured, hey, let's drink wine and laugh at how lame Scandal is and how everyone has terrible taste because this show is just a ton of organized yelling. We watched the first episode, groaning at the screen whenever they discussed being "gladiators". Claire went home, and I proceeded to hunker down and watch three full seasons of Kerry Washington's tour de force without leaving my house for much else other than minimal levels of human interaction and the occasional chia seed muffin.

Since then, I've wondered what happened to the dude who played Desmond on Lost, what the deal is with Olivia subsiding on a diet of popped corn, and why they cast that bright-eyed girl to play a terrorist. And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, then good! I've put together a guide to everything you gotta know about the show with those cool cats over at The Man Repeller. No more nodding your head yes about Olivia and Fitz, no more confusion over why most middle-age women's ideal man is now a fifty-year-old white dude with nonexistent eyebrows. Now, you can get the joy of Scandal without having to fuck up your REM cycle from staying up all night to cram it in. That's almost as good as Jake Ballard taking his shirt off.

Check out the story, and you'll know what that means.

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