Friday, April 11

Two Shows For The Price Of One!

I have about eighteen posts in draft form, but fuck that, those are officially on the backburner. These two videos are so good that you have to drop everything and watch them. Seriously. Baby in the arms, purse, sandwich, iced coffee — drop it all! That's what I did, at least, when my friend Alana sent them over and caused me to stand in the kitchen, leaning into the cabinet while snacking, watching Thomas Middleditch squeeze tear juice out of his face instead of doing the third load of dishes that were looming. (I make a lot of juice and don't trust sponges.)

Given that it's a Friday, and it's seemingly wonderful outside, and you're probably cooped up inside an air-conditioned building counting down the seconds until the weekend, why not give yourself a desk break? Yes, OK, I am just trying to get you guys to join in my procrastination of not starting anything until 10am because I was glaring at Ben Schwartz's familiar face, but still. These two will bring you more joy than a mid-afternoon trip to 16 Handles, so let's get down, shall we?

The one up top is a beautiful tale of a sad breakup, and the one below is a sad tale of a beautiful friendship. Do it to it. And have a good freakin' weekend, duh.

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